Good bye Pog Towers. Hello….


It’s finally happened. Pog Towers is no longer mine and Norman and I are staying at my parents until I buy Pog Towers 2.  It’s been a funny few days. Norman has spent most of it under my bed, but was very brave last night:


I thought I would make the most of being here and learn to cook a little more than toast, and have lessons from the master that is MummyW.  Last night’s was casserole and dumplings. I was mostly only allowed to chop the vegetables though, as apparently you ‘shouldn’t run before you can walk’. I did want to point out that I have now been walking for a rather long time and running was exactly what I need in the cooking department, but who am I to argue with the MummyW? Next time I am allowed to use the instructions I wrote down and do more under supervision, apparently. Tonight’s lesson is lasagne.  I was allowed to walk a bit faster tonight and actually got to do some cooking which was most exciting but will be a disaster if it doesn’t taste good… :o)


Casserole and dumplings

There have been some slightly surreal moments. Like when I discovered that there is a morning tea towel and an evening tea towel, and using the morning one in the evening seems to make Dad a bit twitchy. I was moved to ‘putting away’ duties.

There was the moment I realised my parents really were going to stand at the back door for half an hour and watch for a mouse that arrives in their garden every evening to feed under the bird feeders. There were many cries of ‘there he is!’ as mousy ran back and forth:


And then there was the fact that we sat watching tv for an hour even as it froze every minute or so for about 10 seconds. They told me it was bad reception due to the weather. I pointed out it was dry and still. But it could be the cars going past. Sometimes they did that to the signal… I fiddled with the wires and for the first time in quite a few months they had perfect reception….

This morning I went for my first run here. ‘Here’ is even more country Bumpkinsville-ish than where I lived, and it was lovely:


I made some new friends:


I spotted a house giving away donkey manure (small and large quantities).

And in honour of my furball, I ran down Norman Street, Great Norman Street and Little Norman street (yes, really).  And found a farm that he might rather like:


If he ever comes out from under the bed, maybe I will take him. Or maybe we’ve done enough travelling for a while. Just a short while though….we’re loooking forward to Pog Towers 2. Until then, I will work on becoming Pog Berry :o)

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