no power, no brain power

‘While I think you’re incredibly creative, you certainly can’t make this kind of stuff up!’

That was the start of an email from my boss this afternoon in response to my email informing her and a whole heap of colleagues that although I was very defiantly working on the things they were waiting for, I wasn’t online due to the fact that we were three hours into a power cut.  A power cut that, at the point of my email had resulted in notification from the company in the shape of a text that things were not fixed as they had said they would be.  In fact things were so bad that the company will be sending out generators…which would arrive at around 6pm.

I did seven hours of work, but obviously in this day and age there is only so much you can do without the internet and at 3pm I ran out of things to do.  So I decided to sit by my parents’ log burner to file emails, having had a glass of wine that went straight to my head (well, we couldn’t boil the kettle so hot drinks were out and wine seemed a little more appropriate than water in the situation).

I therefore blame it on the alcohol that I had a few moments of daftness.  Dad suggested dragging a chair in front of the fire and I thought it would be rather nice to have a massage using the electric thingy that is attached to the chair while I sat there.  I got a bit confused with the plug.  Then the buttons.  I just could not get it to work.  Dad had a look.  Perhaps I’d broken it when I moved the chair? (it is a very old massage thingy, but it was working yesterday).  I got a bit panicky…Dad has a very bad back and uses the massage thing most days.  We traced the wire.  We changed the socket it was plugged into.  Then I remembered…we had a power cut.  A-hem.

So I did not have a massage by the wood burner.  And I did not having another glass of wine.  Not until I’ve posted this and done a few more hours work to catch up, anyway.

It’s been a slightly discombobulating week.  That and the wine are my excuses, and I am sticking to them!  :o)


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