Steroids, towers and boxes. Your average week.

‘This week is on steroids’ announced Himself on Tuesday.

This is because after waiting forever, a date was finally agreed on Monday for me to move out of Pog Towers and the new owner to move in.

Because things are never simple with me, I agreed a while back that I would break the chain in this house buying malarkey.  At the time it was due to the fact the lady I was buying from was moving into a nursing home and nobody knew quite when that would be.  Of course, things got a bit more complicated when I had a sudden panic about buying her house and looked for another one.  Which I found. (Hooray and third time lucky!)  But the owner of that one didn’t have a house to buy, so I still had to wait, and still had to break the chain.  And again, nobody knew how long anything would take.

But on Tuesday I got a message that he had had an offer accepted and I could start the buying process.  Cue utter chaos.

Anyway, I now have a lounge full of boxes:


And I clearly wasn’t looking very ‘box competent’ when they were delivered as the man felt the need to show me how to assemble them:


I also have instructions on the type of things to put in which size box (they aren’t that different….)

Anyway, in 10 days most of my worldly goods will go into storage while Norman and I move in with my Mum and Dad until I complete the house buying process and we can be grown ups again.  Let’s just say I’m looking at this as a good opportunity to collect blog material.

My plan was to get most of the house in boxes this weekend.  The flaw in that plan is that Pog Towers is so tiny that there is very little room to put the boxes once they are full.  I may have to create some weird box maze with paths to the bathroom, my bed and the front door.  If you don’t hear from me again, the boxes won.  :o)

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2 Responses to Steroids, towers and boxes. Your average week.

  1. Shirley and John says:

    Amazeing news – so pleased for you. XX

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