Fires, fun and a few incidents

This weekend has been one of those of two halves – the grown up normal stuff and the Pog stuff.

Friday night, Himself and I went to a pub  in the next village along that I’ve been to once in the whole ten years I have lived here.  It smelled a bit funny, but it had an open fire that we sat next to while we chatted and had a drink.  Lovely and grown up, I think you’ll agree.

Then we went home and in an attempt to be a good girlfriend and sympathetic to the watery ears that He has been left with after a cold, I attempted to use hopi candles on him.  All was good.  So good that he dozed off.  Right up to that point where I tried to blow the candle out before submerging it in a glass of water.  As I blew, bits of the candle that were still flaming flew in a number of directions, and I kind of set fire to Him.  (It’s ok, the only lasting damage two days later is a blister on his finger from him trying to pat out one of the flames…)  I think it is testament to the trust He has in me – or his complete daftness – that He still let me do the other ear.  That time I managed to only slightly singe my own sleeve, so I’m getting there with that…

Saturday we went to the local Italian deli for lunch.  I’d not been in there to eat either, but to be fair, it’s a far lovelier experience with someone else than on your own.  We ate, then I took Him to the station as He had to get home.  I decided to go for a run – trying a route I’d not run before.  Part way round I came across an incident involving multiple blankets and a delayed ambulance.  An elderly lady had fallen into the road, forgotten everything and seemed to be being offered blankets from every passer by going.  I stayed to chat to her so the lady who called the ambulance could chase it up.  Part way though all this her husband arrived in their car.  I’m not sure he should have been driving as in the process he took out a bollard a few feet away from his wife.  Happily, he managed to stop before he got too close and was also found a blanket and a camping chair.  I had no idea so many people carried so many blankets – and chairs in their cars.  I left when a Community Responder arrived and a few moments later I saw the siren, so all was good.

About 15 minutes later though, a skateboarder hurtled past me, attempted some sort of trick and came off  quite impressively with a thud.  I thought we might have another multiple blanket and ambulance scenario, but it seemed that he mostly dented his pride…

Surely other people have quieter runs?  Surely other people manage a weekend with just the grown up things, without the events?  Ah, I’m happy with my mixture of things.

Anyway, I’d not run close to sunset before so I took a few pictures:





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