Pop! And other randomness

Today I went the the doctor for my B12 injection. I have a thingy called pernicious anaemia and have to be injected every three months to stay upright /awake/able to breathe properly etc. It’s a bit of a rubbish feeling in the few weeks before the injection, but afterwards, you feel ready for anything…

Which turned out to be a good thing this morning as I left the surgery, drove out the car park and realised the car was making a distinctly ‘unhappy car’ sound.

I got out, surveyed it with my expert mechanics eye and discovered that I had a puncture. I called my local garage. They know my voice (which is worrying, as I’ve not been in there for three years) and suggested that they came to rescue me rather than me attempting to lollop back to them.  (The other alternative was that I attempted to change the wheel myself – I went on a course to learn how a few years back.  The main flaw with this though, was that there was no way I would have enough confidence in my efforts to actually drive the car afterwards, should I by some miracle actually manage to do it.  So that was out).

So I removed the cupboard of crap that it is in my boot, took out the spare wheel and waited for my knight in quite a shiny van to rescue me, which he did (hooray for lovely man in quite shiny van!).  While I waited a man walked past.  ‘Not a good time to get a puncture’ man informed me.  What I would like to know is this: When would be a good time to get a puncture?

Anyway, that was the start to my Friday.  Here are some other random pictures from the week, just because :o)

pretty iciness

pretty iciness


Puss (almost) in boots

What 179 balls of wool look like

What 179 balls of wool look like

Canary wharf in the fog

Canary Wharf in the fog

Happy weekend :o)


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