Goodbye, Floss

My sisters probably make me laugh more than anyone else in the world.  Yesterday, Sister 1 excelled herself.

I’ve mentioned here before that every other Monday I pay her to provide ‘big house day’ (she cleans and Pog Towers seems to grow considerably in the process).  At the end of last year I forgot to leave her a Christmas tip so a few weeks back I left a little extra….which she refused to take and hid in a pot.  Yesterday was the next big house day, so on Sunday I had a think about how I could make her take the few extra pennies.  We’re all a bit soft in our family, giving personalities to animals and inanimate objects so I thought I’d play on that.  I wrapped the cash in a post-it and wrote on it that is she didn’t take it ‘a fairy would die’.  Harsh, but I felt there was no chance Sister 1 would risk it.

How wrong I was.  I got home last night to find this:


It’s fair to say that Floss the fairy had a long life, but Sister 1, she didn’t have to go!  

I admit, it made me laugh a lot.  Not least because Sister 1 had clearly gone through my craft drawer to make Floss, complete with pink hair.

It’s the little things that amuse me :o)

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