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Correcting noo noos on IWD

Once every week or so I venture into the office. Despite a (very) early start, the fact that I have to miss my run and having to wear grown up clothes, there’s usually at least one thing that makes it … Continue reading

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Sometimes, even when it’s cold and wet you have to trust that going to the beach will still be fun, because you’re with Sister 1 and Little Pea: …even if you did have a tummy ache and Mummy and Auntie … Continue reading

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My daftness match

Between me and Himself I reckon most people think he is the sensible one and I’m the daft one.  I thought it to start with too.  Not so much these days though.  First this week we had the incident with … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Floss

My sisters probably make me laugh more than anyone else in the world.  Yesterday, Sister 1 excelled herself. I’ve mentioned here before that every other Monday I pay her to provide ‘big house day’ (she cleans and Pog Towers seems … Continue reading

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How to make friends and influence people – two examples

1. There is an unwritten rule in our office that you don’t talk in the lifts.  Even if you know someone in there, you must talk in hushed tones.  It’s like an extension of the commute, I suppose. Anyway, some … Continue reading

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A long weekend away!

I think that when I told people who don’t know me very well that I was going to Barcelona for a long weekend with my Mum and Sisters, that they may have imagined a few days of culture and learning. … Continue reading

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The Lovely Nut

I went out for a huge pub lunch last Sunday with a very lovely friend (The Lovely Nut). We laughed about men, compared our mum’s idiosyncrasies, worried about our expanding waist lines and then decided worrying was wasting time and … Continue reading

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No Longer a Gym Virgin!

Oh. My. God.  I got back from my first ever trip to the gym a couple of hours ago and it seems I may have been a little over enthusiastic.  1.5 hours of treadmills, cross trainers and some weird leg … Continue reading

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An actual giggle (sound needed) :o)

Yesterday I mentioned some voice mails I left my sisters on the walk home from the NYE BBQ I went to.  By the powers of technical wizardry, here’s one for your listening pleasure:   And yes, the comparison with Mutley … Continue reading

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Happy New Ear (and a couple of apologies)…

Happy New Ear! (as wished to me by Lovely Little Man – aged 2 and a bit.) I thought last night I would manage to bypass the getting home issues of the work Christmas party.  I was right in that … Continue reading

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