Happy New Ear (and a couple of apologies)…

Happy New Ear! (as wished to me by Lovely Little Man – aged 2 and a bit.)

I thought last night I would manage to bypass the getting home issues of the work Christmas party.  I was right in that there were no bouncers, no French Bull dog, no white van and, as I was only 1.5 miles from home I could walk back easily.  Unfortunately, my plan didn’t…well, go to plan.  I would therefore like to make the following apologies:

To anyone living on the unlit road between the village I was in and the village I was aiming for:

I think my constant giggling may have been rather loud.  I know it was near hysteria at the points that I found myself flat on my back in the hedgerows, covered in mud and trying to extract thorns from my legs.  When I realised I had got myself upright and started walking the wrong way I was finding it hard to breathe through the laughing.  (I know this for definite as I called both sisters to try to tell them.  Both sisters called this morning for a translation of the voice mails I’d left.)  To find it that funny I’d obviously had a sherry too many, but hey ho.  I started the new year off with a good old belly laugh or two…

To Cycling Friend:

I can confirm that my text informing ‘No more poking for you’ was actually supposed to say ‘No more smoking for you’.  It’s probably best to leave that one there. 

To Geeky Friend:

I am still unsure what I may have meant when I texted ‘roads as norman as me’.  You were probably right to give up on a conversation at that point.

Anyway, I did get home under my own steam, so the drunken Pog situation is improving.  The cuts on my hands shouldn’t take too long to heal (those hedgerows must contain a lot of brambles.  That or I fell over more than the three times I remember).  And the mud coating my jeans will come out in the wash…  Next time I may hide my mobile from myself to further improve the situation.

 I hope you have had a good start to 2011.  Happy New Ear :o)x

Dark unlit road with flash...

Dark unlit road without flash. No wonder I fell over! (if you look really carefully you can just see a light in the village I am aiming for...)

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