Resolutions and Revolutions

Oh Lordy, how did we get to the end of 2010 so fast?  Eyes down and focus Pog, this calls for resolutions. 

Only I thought about it last night as I was waiting for Charlie to stop trying to kill the toes on my left foot so I could to drift off to sleep and…nothing.  I thought about it again while swimming this morning and…nothing (that wasn’t too surprising though as I was half asleep and my main focus was not requiring lifeguard intervention.  Again.)

I looked for inspiration from last year but all I can remember resolving to do was give up smoking.  Ahhhh.  Resolution 1:  To step up the Unfatness Plan and get rid of the weight put on as a result of eating cookies rather than having a cigarette (and considering I was on over 40 a day that is a lot of cookies and so a lot of weight…)

That does seem a bit boring though, so to get me on a roll, I thought I’d steal a few of the more interesting ones I’ve seen other people commit to.  So:

Resolutions of a Pog

  1. Step up the Un-fatness Plan so I can fit into my thin jeans by the time I go on my summer holiday
  2. Say yes to more things
  3. NOT to set a cycling target this year (3000 miles last year made me proud, but rather dictated my life)
  4. Spend less time working
  5. Try to continue making people smile through the blog and the work of the cookie / jam / post fairy
  6. Find a new fairy to be
  7. Perhaps locate a pair of wings…
  8. Lead the Sweet Justice Revolution (this is currently just a small cunning plan.  Should it grow and be hatched I will provide an explanation / update)
  9. To remain un-sectioned despite the slight loopiness involved in numbers 5-8.

I think that will do me.  Now, it’s time to work out the dress code for a NYE BBQ.  Yes.  Really.

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2011 brings you all the happiness and smiles that you deserve :o)x

Happy 2011 :o)x

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2 Responses to Resolutions and Revolutions

  1. “No 2: Say yes to more things” Don’t make that more cookies, will you?

    I hope you achieve everything on your list. All the very best for 2011.

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