Pog Tiny Towers (and a lack of guests)

I was given some great Christmas presents this year.  I have my first egg cup since childhood which adds a new item in my repertoire of ‘quick-one-pot-dinners.’ And boiled egg and dippy soldiers has to be the ultimate in comfort food…

I also now own the softest PJs ever made.  Their softness has been provided, possibly at the cost of their appearance (fluorescent pink-with-snowflake-detail), but they are the toastiest, softest legs so I don’t care. 

One present that I had asked for (does this scream middle age?) was a bird table (to be known as Pog Tiny Towers) made my a little old man who lives down the road from the Pog Parents.  My thinking around this had a number of different strands:

Doesn't that look inviting to you? (Well, if you were a bird...)

  • I hoped that the birds that congregate in the back garden would migrate to the front and therefore be well out of the way of Charlie and Norman (who, it turns out, are rather good on the hunting front but seem to have an aversion to the front of the house).
  • I thought that it would give me something to look out of the front window when I sit at my table on the laptop.
  • I thought that there might also be some sort of Disney-esque Dance-of the-Birds to thank me for my kindness in not only providing them with a bird table, but furnishing it with suet balls, peanuts and a squirrel proof bird seed feeder, full to bursting.

And what happens in reality?  Forget the bird dance of thanks.  Not one bird has been to visit.  Not one.  I have been told to be patient…but aren’t they hungry?  They have it on a plate (well, bird table) out there and not a shred of interest… 

Well, if they don’t find it by the end of the week I’ll have to put some sign posts up directing them from the back garden to Pog Tiny Towers.  And maybe a ‘Food Served Here’ sign on the roof so they see it when they fly over.  Then the bird spotting can commence.  And should I get my Dance-of-the-Birds I’ll make sure I get photos to post here :o)

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10 Responses to Pog Tiny Towers (and a lack of guests)

  1. Reg says:

    No disparaging comments about middle age and bird tables please.
    Birds will learn where the new cafe is, just wait. Many interesting visitors around with the cold weather at the moment.

    So, will it be a pair of binos for your birthday?

    • thepogblog says:

      :o) I’ll take your word for it Reg. No need for any binoculars – my front garden is so small I’ll be able to see them in detail from my perch at the laptop!

      • Reg says:

        Just a thought about bird table position and cats predeliction for birds. Birds are messy eaters and inevitably scatter stuff from tables etc. Where it becomes nourishment for ground feeders. So, try and position the table where cats cant creep up to within pounce distance unseen.

        If you put out fat balls, (stop sniggering) take them out of the stupid nylon mesh they are inevitably supplied in. As birds can get their legs caught in the dratted stuff.

        I reckon you will end up like me and cycle around with eyes almost permanently aimed upwards to get glimpses of the many suprises (an oxymoron?) There are around West Kent.

        Weather and now flu mean that riding a bike is fast becoming a distant memory.

        Spray and wipe your screen with dettol surface cleaner after reading this to prevent infection spreading.

        And then have a good new year.

      • thepogblog says:

        Thank you for the tips Rig. Amazingly I have already followed them, (admitedly by accident rather than design….) The cats have not yet realised that the front garden (where Tiny Towers is) exists other than through the window and there are few hiding places for other felines so I think that is sorted. The suet balls aren’t in netting but I’ve never thought of that one. I will spread the word :o)

        I hope you feel better very soon (screen dettol’ed – thank you for that tip too!) and will be back on the bike in no time. Happy 2011!

  2. Anna says:

    If I was a bird (of the flappy variety!) I would come and eat and nest at Tiny Towers-it looks lovely ***** star!!!

  3. Simon R says:

    Pog my friend, you are mistaken.

    This pie is the ultimate in comfort food, as my growing belly will attest.

    • thepogblog says:

      Lordy, that does indeed look good! (but does not fulfil my ‘one saucepan and no effort’ requirement;o) )

      • Simon R says:

        Ah, no, it wouldn’t. From experience I can tell you that it is one big pan, several small bowls, a pie dish, a chopping board, multiple knives, and one of those silicon brush things for smearing egg on the pastry lids.

        But it tastes unbelievable. x

      • thepogblog says:

        See, I don’t even own that many implements. But you sound so enthusiastic about it that it may be worth me investing then investigating…. :o)

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