Christmas: tick

Well, that’s Christmas done then…

Visiting of friends (once the snow allowed it)

Eating of far too much food

Watching Sisters 1 and 2 do ‘making things’ on Boxing day (family tradition to keep them quiet.  Unchanged despite the fact they are nearly 30).

Near massacre in the dog department (below is the only moment they were friends and lasted all of 10 seconds…)

 Sitting in front of open fire

Boxing day walk

Watching parents attempt the Michael Jackson Wii dancing game (highly recommended if a giggle is required)

 And today I decided that enough was enough, and that it was time to get off the sofa and limit the number of chocolates eaten in any 24 hour period.  So, Sister 1 and I went swimming at 7am.  Both of us required life guard intervention (I did my near drowning trick – I really must get a nose clip – and not to be outdone, she got cramp).  Undeterred, we are both going back tomorrow – it’s literally sink or swim :o)

Most importantly though, thank you very much for all your help raising money for Crisis.  We went over my target, so as flippant as the above may sound, the fact that between us all we helped others have a better Christmas than they would otherwise have had is my real  Christmas smile :o)x

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2 Responses to Christmas: tick

  1. Anna says:

    Er-sorry about the cramp thing!!! And also I am a year and 2 months OFF being 30!!!!!and still being asked for ID for rizlas!!!!!

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