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Your opportunity to provide a smile

I started writing a huge long post tonight, but it’s not needed.  What is needed is to tell you that: I have the two strongest sisters ever created.  While Sister 2 was in hospital with Little Wisp, Sister 1 was … Continue reading

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Crochet, cooking, Crisis and a little request

A while ago I posted about an idea to sell my crochet hats for charity.  As a result of that post I had some orders.  The hats take around 4 hours to make each (longer when I get distracted by … Continue reading

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Christmas: tick

Well, that’s Christmas done then… Visiting of friends (once the snow allowed it) Eating of far too much food Watching Sisters 1 and 2 do ‘making things’ on Boxing day (family tradition to keep them quiet.  Unchanged despite the fact … Continue reading

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A big thank you update

Wow! The clicking has gone up a lot and I’ve donated another £36 tonight. Thank you so much. I also have some lovely friends who have donated a very generous amount. Thank you very much – you know who you … Continue reading

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Thank you!

You lovely, lovely people. Since I posted my blog entry last night I have had over 140 visits and as promised, have donated £14. Keep clicking, keep telling your friends to click and find out a bit about Crisis and … Continue reading

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Please help in the quest for smiles…

I need your help.  I am not asking for your money or for more than a few seconds of your time…please just keep reading the next few paragraphs.  You may have realised, I like trying to make people happy.  I’d … Continue reading

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