Please help in the quest for smiles…

I need your help.  I am not asking for your money or for more than a few seconds of your time…please just keep reading the next few paragraphs. 

You may have realised, I like trying to make people happy.  I’d like to make more people smile through this blog of daftness, but to do this I need you to tell your friends about it, send them the link, to maybe click on a few of the entries you’ve not read yourself so you can recommend a ‘good’ one.  That would be a bit selfish though as the onus is all on you.  So… 

…in return, this is what I will do:  For every 10 clicks on the site between now and Christmas day I will donate £1 to Crisis, a UK charity helping homeless people (up to £233.50).  I’ve set up a Just Giving page so that you can check up on me and you can see the blog hits on the right of each page you view (sometimes it takes a while to show up in this view, don’t think your clicks haven’t counted!).  At the time I have published this, that figure is:  1725.  I’ll blog each time I add some pennies, but I will aim to do so every few days.


Times are tough for everyone at the moment and I said I’d not ask for money so I am not – the only person who has to give is me.  Should you want to though, please feel free!  I’ve researched the homeless charities and Crisis is a damn good one. They do a Crisis at Christmas appeal, which you can read about yourself, but £233.50 will allow 10 people to access the service over Christmas.  Ten smiles from being out of the cold (and it is so cold right now, I just cannot imagine it).

I just want to leave you with one little story which might help you understand why I think this is a particularly worthwhile group of people to help:

A few years back I was privileged enough to meet a lovely bloke, about my age.  Let’s call him Joe.  Joe was homeless and had been for a while.  He was also addicted to crack to cope with the fact that he had no shelter, slept on and under cardboard and frankly, I couldn’t blame him.  At the time we met I’d taken to wearing a sweatshirt over my PJs when I went to bed as it had got so cold.  His feet had started to rot because his shoes were always wet and the night before I met him he’d taken them off to try to help them heal.  While he’d slept they had been stolen.  I was so upset for him, I gave him £10 to go to and buy some new (admittedly cheap) shoes.  Five minutes after he left I was kicking myself so being so gullible and falling for his story. But, an hour later Joe ambled up, the biggest smile on his face and a pair of dry shoes on his feet.  He’d been to Oxfam and bought shoes and a jumper.  He even offered me the change.  I felt awful that I’d doubted him and admitted it to him.  His answer was something along the lines of ‘if someone trusts me to do the right thing, I will.’

It would be great if we could all help a few people like Joe and spread smiles over Christmas…just click on the link then pass it on – that is all you need to do – I’ll do the rest! :o)

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10 Responses to Please help in the quest for smiles…

  1. Biker's friends' Mummy says:

    What a simply brilliant idea Helen. I have read alot about Chrisis at Christmas and it is such a worth while Charity and there are so many volunteers who give their time during the period it is open.
    A little while ago there was a homeless person sleping rough in the car park in Tunbridge Wells. One night he heard footsteps approaching him. Terrified he just waited and wondered what was going to happen. The footsteps got closer and closer then went away. On opening his eyes he found a £20 note tucked under his sleeping bag!

    • thepogblog says:

      Thank you :o) Chrisis works all year round but I have heard so many good things about the Chritsmas event in particular that I thought it was a good focus. I cannot imagine being outside all the time, but right now it must be awful.

      Bless that lovely person for giving the man some help. I bet that made his week :o)x

  2. tina raven says:

    Helen, what a wonderful story and a great idea! As someone who has volunteered their time at Christmas to this very worthwhile cause I am truly proud of your efforts. Tx

  3. Reg Oakley says:

    Truly humbled by your generous plan, heres to ten folks having a good day due to your wonderfull generosity.
    Have success.

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