Sticky Chairs

I may have just discovered why Jim (‘ll-fix-it) never wrote back to me when, at aged around aged 5, I wrote him a letter asking if he could arrange it for me to sing Super Trouper with Abba.  I wrote all the words to the song out (I wasn’t allowed to keep the record sleeve with them on) and took them to bed with me every night to learn so I’d be ready when I got the call.  I never got the call.

Tonight I have been rounding off my snowed-in-apart-from-a-3-hour-round trip-to-Tesco weekend by singing along to the countdown of the ‘Nations favourite Abba Songs’.  Super Trouper is a rather disappointing 16 but the programme has just enlightened me with the fact that it was actually about a divorce and waiting for a new girlfriend to turn up when your ex wife is standing next to you.  Or something like that.  I guess maybe that wasn’t quite what a 5 year old should be singing on tv.  A thanks-but-no-thanks postcard would have been nice though Jim…

I have to go – Sticky Chairs has come on and I have to have a bit of a dance (Sticky Chairs = Take a Chance – I honestly misheard the lyrics.  For about 20 years…)  :o)

Yup, still got snow...

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2 Responses to Sticky Chairs

  1. Reg Oakley says:

    Regarding confused song titles. Several eons ago Lulu recorded a song with the title/chorus of “I’m a tiger”. How my daughter managed it I am not sure, but that got repeated as “I’m a charming girl”. It still scanned OK as well.

    Talk about being egotistical.

    • thepogblog says:

      lol! My sisters were great when they were younger at getting the wrong lyrics too. In fact, they are not much better these days…. You may have identified a future blog post Reg! :o)

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