Great furballs of fire!

I started the evening sitting on the sofa thinking that nothing of any note was likely to happen this weekend what with all the snow and the fact that I am village bound.  Lighting a Christmassy candle and settling into the weekend though, I thought that an uneventful weekend was probably something I could manage (remote working is great when you don’t want to go in the office – not so great when you desperately want a snow day!).

And then Charlie caught fire.

A few minutes prior to the smoking cat incident

I thought that supervising the first whisker singeing would be sufficient to teach the boys that you stay away from candles (this is the first candle they have been able to get close to).  Apparently not.  A few minutes after the singeing incident, there was a horrible smell, a smoking Charlie and a marginally interested Norman. 

The good news is that all I had to do was pat his fur out (rather than throw him outside into a pile of snow as per my plan B) and the only lasting effects seem to be two slightly shorter, rougher patches on either side of him.  I can confirm though, that burning cat fur is unlikely to ever be the scent of a fragranced candle in the future…

We are now all looking forward to an uneventful weekend.  We hope :o)

PS:  Totally unrelated, but I thought you’d like to see the lengths that my neighbours have gone to get out of the road:

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2 Responses to Great furballs of fire!

  1. Don’t want snow! That was the year we ran out of heating oil and it couldn’t be delivered as the snow was so deep!

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