Oh Lordy!

Most people have probably seen enough of the white stuff, but earlier I ventured  out to take some photos for posterity.

Flaw 1: Wellies were in the car boot.

and that's where the car was...

Flaw 2:  I have no shovel (and had the same problems with getting to the shed as getting to the car)

and that's where the shed is (at the end)...

Flaw 3:  Believing that if I was going to get icy shoes getting the wellies, I might as well get as little as possible soggy.  I therefore rolled up my trousers to make shorts and wore my slippers through the snow that was up to my knees.

yes, really.

Flaw 4:  Due to lack of shovel, thinking a hand brush would help.  Then discovering I’d lost the hand brush (I blame Norman) and having to use the dustpan to try to dig out the boot of my car.


Once I’d negotiated around these issues though, it was actually rather nice out there (in the bits where the snow didn’t go over the top of my wellies).  So sorry if you’ve had enough of it, but after that, I’m damn well putting some photos up here!

I think these two probably have the right idea... :o)

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2 Responses to Oh Lordy!

  1. Reg Oakley says:

    A few of my, not so artistic pics of snow etc http://picasaweb.google.com/RegOak/ColdDecember2010# .

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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