It’s still coming around…!

This ‘what goes around comes around’ business seems to be speeding up and it is very jolly lovely.

On Tuesday a lovely colleague who reads this gave me a good giggle (and it was a real one that scared the cats rather than one of those that just stays in your head).  One of the things I do at work is send out surveys, check the answers and present the findings.  On Tuesday I was checking the responses to the question: 

Please use this space for any additional comments you would like to leave on how we could improve future sessions

The answer lovely colleague left?

homemade jam and cookies would be lovely

 I think I’ll be removing that before I present to management.  Or maybe not…it may liven things up a little.

checking out the advent calendar

Also on Tuesday, on the way back from my morning swim, the advent calendar fairy intercepted me and asked me to deliver calendars to Sisters 1&2.  Amazingly, the fairy did exactly the same to Sisters 1&2 later in the day and as a result, both the boys and I have an advent calendar (only I have to unfortunately eat their chocolates…)

This morning, utter panic descended on Pog Towers.  Like most of the UK, we are covered in deep white stuff here – far too deep to be trying to drive the car or even to walk without wellies.  Panic started at the exact moment that I realised the only chocolate in the house was in the advent calendars.  And frankly, even if I took it all out, that would be insufficient for the requirements of a Pog.  It was a similar panic to that when I used to get down to my last 40 cigarettes… (I gave up in January and definitely replaced nicotine with chocolate). Anyway, I mentioned the predicament to Sister 2 on the phone this morning and at lunch time a Yeti rung my doorbell.  The sweety had walked the couple of miles from her house to mine via a local shop to stock me up!  I felt terrible, but she kindly pointed out that it was in return for all the times I’d delivered her cookies and her favourite homemade cheesy bites on the bike…

As if that wasn’t enough I just looked out the window to see if the snow is still coming down.  Someone, I assume one of my (slightly terrifying) next door neighbours, has cleared and gritted the path to my door.  I’ll be venturing down that path tomorrow at some stage to the local shop for some cookie ingredients so I can thank them.  What goes around comes around after all :o)

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2 Responses to It’s still coming around…!

  1. Anna says:

    Sister 1 would have done the same but I would have been blue and needing defrosting by the time I got there!!sorry :0( xx

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