Your opportunity to provide a smile

I started writing a huge long post tonight, but it’s not needed.  What is needed is to tell you that:

  1. I have the two strongest sisters ever created.  While Sister 2 was in hospital with Little Wisp, Sister 1 was mostly downstairs with her husband.  If you want to see what ‘strong’ looks like, take a look at their faces in the photo.
  2. Sometimes you don’t know how hard someone is fighting to give you that smile.  Be kind, always.
  3. My post was going to tell you a story I’ve not mentioned here yet, but it’s still not my story to tell.  Please read the words of Sister 1 below, and if you have even just a pound to donate, please do.  I know she will gain strength from the support.  (And not just that:  Kings hospital has been key in the lives of two people in my family.  If they can build this amazing unit, it means should something like this happen to you or someone you love, they could be the people benefiting.  And as our family have proved in the last four months, anything can happen to anyone, at any age).  And if you don’t have a spare pound right now, maybe look up the Little Princess Trust and see if donating your hair is something you can do?  Or donate to Kings when you do have a spare pound.

Over to Sister 1:

On the 5th May my man was diagnosed with a brain tumour (grade3). He was taken to Kings and operated on the 10th May to remove the tumour, unfortunately things took a turn and he had a massive bleed, this resulted in an evacuation of a haematoma (with a small part of his brain being removed-leaving the effects of a stroke), he was induced into a coma but on the 11th May had to endure more surgery-a bifrontal decompressive craiectomy (removal of the middle section of his skull), he remained in an induced coma for 3 more days. He spent 11 days in critical care before going to the High Dependancy Unit for 10 days, then eventually onto a ward.
On the 28th June he had his titanium Cranioplasty put in (new skull part) and despite a minor set back, recovered well.
He came home on the 7th July where his package for 6 weeks radiotherapy and chemotherapy started to be set up.
Unfortunately on the 30th July he was admitted to Kings with an infection, on the 1st August his titanium plate was removed, the infection cleaned out, and he was put on a 6 week course of IV antibiotics (eventually reduced to 4). Dan is now home…without his plate as they feel starting treatment is more important. This will start within the next month.
SOOOOOO….I am cutting off my hair again (was only done a year ago!) but it’s going to have to go short short 😬. The hair will of course be donated to the Little Princess Trust for children with cancer, which allows them to have free wigs from the donations. But I want to raise money for Kings…they have saved Dans life and been the most AMAZING people we have had the pleasure to meet. Every single member of staff has been beyond incredible, so I want to give something back.
I honestly can’t explain what this hospital means to us all now. They are currently building a £1.6 million pound 66 bed Critical Care Unit and I would love to be able to donate £1,000 towards it ❤️PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME ❤️ by sponsoring whatever you can ❤️

Her Just Giving link is here.

Now to both of you:  You are both amazing.  Could you please now focus on keeping your respective family members OUT of Kings hospital, please?!  :o)


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