No trainers needed

My words seem a bit small in the shadow of yesterday’s post, so I’m just going to tell you a little secret then show you some photos:

The secret?  I don’t always like running that much.  I LOVE the feeling of finishing a run, but frankly, if it wasn’t for the fact that it means I get to eat more cake, I’m not sure I’d do it quite so much.  Sometimes dragging myself out of bed rather than snuggling up for another hour is just a bit too much.  So I’ve started playing Pretend with myself.  I pretend that I’m not going for a run, I’m just off to do a bit of early morning exploring so I don’t get lost in town next time my Sisters come to visit.  (In my trainers.)  Or I’m just going to do a teeny bit of window shopping to get some ideas of where to take a look at next time I go into town.  (In my trainers.)  Or I’m going to take a few photos to capture a bit more of Beachville.  (In my trainers.)

So that’s what I did this morning.  I ran a new route, worked out a bit more of how the back roads fit together, noticed some shops I’d not seen before and took some photos.  So here are they are.  Take a run around Beachville with me (no trainers needed):

Still quite early:

Too early for that:

I love these random graffiti bits that add colour, often where you least expect it (this is on a residential street):

The dome-y thing (my definition) The bobbly thing (Himself’s term):

I ran the other way for only the second time! (I usually turn right at the pier):

How?  How did they find sooo many old machines? There were three windows like this:

And I’m not very up with ‘It’ as just the thought scares me, but he seems to have appeared only since people have started talking about it recently…:

That’s it…until the next time I need a reason to run :o)


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