Meeting the neighbours

I’ve always found it a bit tricky to meet new people.  I’ve often thought that it would be easier if I had children as there are more opportunities and an obvious common ground.  In fact, since moving to Beachville, I’ve spoken to more people at playgrounds and the like when I have been looking after Little Pea than any other time (helpful tip:  ‘Oh, he’s not mine’ tends to scare people as a response to a question about ‘your son’ unless you follow up very quickly to confirm that you do know his Mum and she does know you have possession of her little person).

It seems though, that I have overlooked a certain furballs ability to help me meet people.  Last Friday I was hanging the washing out and two ladies walking past leant over the fence to say hi.  It turns out that Maureen and Margaret are residents in the sheltered accommodation half way up the road.  They also introduced me to Buddy – Maureen’s dog.  Then they paused and asked ‘We’ve been wondering…’ (And it turns out that the ‘we’ is most of the residents of the flats) ‘…do you have a black cat?  Quite large?  No collar?’

I confirmed that would be my furball Norman, and that I had seen him walking up to the flats a few times.  Then I panicked ‘Has he does anything bad?’  Other than his hiding of most of a mouse under the back door mat, we’ve not had any gifts lately and I suddenly wondered if it was because he was spreading his gift giving love around these residents.  It turned out that no, he’d not done anything bad – he was just well known up there as he visits quite often…

Clearly word got round that I am the hooman attached to the furball with no manners as while I stretched against the front fence after a run on Saturday morning, I met Pat (two legs) and Millie (four legs) who wanted to confirm what Margaret and Maureen had reported: that Norman was indeed my cat.

So without having to borrow any small children, I’ve met three neighbours and their associated animals in the last few days.  I also have an invite to join them when they hold their Macmillan coffee morning, which I plan on doing.  Just without Norman….although it sounds like there’s a good chance he’ll already be there…  :o)


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