A big thank you update

Wow! The clicking has gone up a lot and I’ve donated another £36 tonight. Thank you so much. I also have some lovely friends who have donated a very generous amount. Thank you very much – you know who you are :o)x

I’ve put a widgety thingy on the page to the right so you can see where we have got to. If you click on it, you can go straight to the Just Giving page should you want to add a few pennies yourself (due to my limited technical abilities the widget won’t update automatically but I will keep updating it…).

No funny for today – I just wanted to remind you that we’re raising money for Crisis which you can read all about here.  I’ve focussed on the Christmas appeal, but Crisis work all year round with homeless people offering all sorts of services including training, offering physical and mental health support and research and campaigning.

More snow is forecast tonight. I can’t imagine not having heating let alone not having a definate roof. If I was in that position though, I would hope that someone more fortunate would help.

Luckily, this is the closest the boys and I have to get to cardboard boxes this Christmas

We’ve almost raised enough for 5 people to have a decent Christmas with access to services and goods that most of us take for granted (food, health screening, dentists, clean clothes etc). To reach the target and raise enough for 10 people to attend at Christmas, please keep clicking. Take a look at any blog post you’ve not read and send the link on to friends and family who might want a smile (and ask them to pass it on if they enjoy it) – that is the ultimate aim of the blog and raising money for Crisis after all) :o)

Thank you, you lovely people. x

Norman rather likes the box though…

PS:  If you need more infomation on this, the original plan is here 

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2 Responses to A big thank you update

  1. Martin says:

    Good work Hun.
    You make people smile and are raising awareness and money for a great cause. Not only do we take a lot of things for granted, but I think we block out things that scare us or that we don’t like. Moreso at a time like Christmas when I think we are focusing on those closest to us, like family; we accidentally ignore others. Not only do these people not have access to essentials for basic health and wellbeing, but also someone to talk to, to relate to and maybe even smile with (that for once they are out of the cold and have a hot meal).
    Reading this, helping you reach your target, there will be no greater happiness on Christmas day than that moment of thinking how it has helped someone less fortunate.

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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