Festive-ness and a tiny bit bah-humbug

Despite the fact it was -4.5 degrees this morning, that I had to force the car door open using a combination of a kettle and my finger nails and the fact that I broke the ice scraper trying to clear the car windows, I still managed to make it to the pool for my swim.  (Please be impressed).

Spotted locally

And jolly festive it was too.  ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree’ greeted me as the doors opened which felt a bit too jolly for 7.15am, but by the time we were ‘Feed(ing) the World (and) Let(ing) them know it’s Christmas time’ in the changing rooms, I had woken up sufficiently to be humming along. 

By the time I was on my 5th length, I was part swimming, part drowning to ‘Frosty the Snowman’ (it’s hard to sing to that one well without really opening your mouth on the ‘Frosty’ part…).  Around length 20 I was trying to incorporate a bit of a dance into my breaststroke to accompany ‘Santa Claus is coming to Town’.

And then it all went a bit weird.  What sounded suspiciously like some chipmunks on speed started a rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’ which, as Sister 2 so eloquently puts it, ‘made my head feel messy’.  I think it must have been Pinky and Perky who appeared on the next track, by which time I, along with a number of other swimmers obviously had sufficiently pained expressions on our faces for the life guard to look concerned.  Thankfully, he put two and two together, rushed for the poolside phone and….bliss!  Absolute silence.

Feeling festive is all well and good, but it has its place and that place is not the public pool in Bumpkinsville before 8am.  Not for me anyway.  Sorry! :o)

he doesn't move much...

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3 Responses to Festive-ness and a tiny bit bah-humbug

  1. dana says:

    Hi there. I was looking for anyone writing about swimming, since I wish more people would do so, and found you. The fun fact is your body density controls if you float or sink.
    I frequently lifeguard and love when I can help someone out with swimming without offending the swimmer!

    • thepogblog says:

      Hi Dana, I’m glad you found me! I’m really enjoying the swimming (and the occaisional sinking!). I wish I’d learned a better technique when I was younger (or even just another stroke from breast stroke!), but I get there in the end. I even seem to be getting a little faster at last. Happy lifeguarding and thank you for leaving your comment :o)

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