Sometimes, even when it’s cold and wet you have to trust that going to the beach will still be fun, because you’re with Sister 1 and Little Pea:

Sister 1 fell down a hole as I took this picture…

…even if you did have a tummy ache and Mummy and Auntie Pog made you walk a lot anyway (although you could still eat sweets, so it probably wasn’t that bad):

And sometimes, even though it’s freezing cold and really, REALLY muddy, it’s worth meeting lovely friends in between Beachville and Bumpkinsville to go for a walk:

Especially when at some point everyone cries with laughter;

One person almost loses their boots in the mud;

Everyone loses their sense of direction (we had to get the Google map lady to talk us back when we realised how lost we were);

And at least three of the party almost lose their dignity through laughing far more than ladies who have had children should (apparently).

Giant gate or tiny friend?

Always though – not sometimes –  there is nothing better than a lot of belly laughing :o)

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