The losing of the plot

I don’t know if it’s too much work, too much running, too much house-wife-ing (because not only am I now cooking proper food that doesn’t include toast, but last week I took the hem up on a pair of curtains.  Just call me a domestic Pogess), but I seem to have finally, completely and utterly lost the plot.

Last night Norman cat and I were doing a bit of tidying up waiting for Himself to get back.  I was chatting away to him while he sat behind me watching from a cardboard box I’d put to one side for recycling while I stuffed things in drawers when I heard:

‘Hello.  It’s me.’

I froze, squeaked and turned round to see Himself had walked in the house without making a sound.  Of course it was him who had spoken.  But for a few seconds there I really, truly, honestly thought Norman had learned to talk.

I think I need a lie down.  In the sun.  For about a fortnight….

And in other news, it snowed (a teeny tiny bit) in Beachbumpkinsville!  (I’m assured this is only marginally more likely than cats learning to talk…) :o)

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