Weekend observations

When you finally have a weekend day that’s not soggy or freezing and you’ve wanted to get in the garden since you’ve moved in, much can be accomplished in little time…to start with.

Removal of two trees?: 30 minutes each

Removal of tree stumps: 2 hours and one very large hole in it was decided that a stump can be quite a feature…

Removal of pampas grass (because we are not 1970’s swingers): 20 minutes

Removal of roots: 1 hour in  I woke up two hibernating toads and decided for their sake I’d leave the roots for another day.

But doing this:

Meant we got a sunny spot (which before was mostly dark) for a cup of tea and piece of freshly cooked cake:

There is still more to do, including stripping the garden of some…interesting ornaments.  Despite borrowing a huge estate car to take everything to the tip there was only room for one this time:

There are no words.  Especially as his brother, a peeing boy and three rabbits who have perfected the death stare are still making the most of out lighter, brighter, bigger garden.  Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth….and hope by next weekend you’re able to move without squeaking again so you can evict them too.  (I didn’t know I could ache this much…)  :o)

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