A public service announcement

You know that warning written in really small letters on the side of sugar free polos?

Yes, that one /\

It says ‘For some people especially children excessive consumption may produce laxative effects’.  Well, not only should it include a comma or two, but it should also specify what ‘excessive’ is.  Because when you are used to eating a bag of mint imperials a day but your dentist went white when you told her and said you had to kiss goodbye to all your teeth over the next few years or switch to sugar free, half a pack is not in any way excessive.   And true, it might not be having quite the effect warned about, but I am one step away and have been trumping like a trooper all afternoon.

Norman has forgiven me, but I am not sure I’ll get away with such noises in the office tomorrow.  So I’m not sure if this is a public service announcement to save you embarrassment should you be tempted to consume half a pack in a day or if it’s to warn people in my vicinity tomorrow that…well, ear plugs might be required :o)

(And to Himself:  I’m sorry!)

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