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A public service announcement

You know that warning written in really small letters on the side of sugar free polos? Yes, that one /\ It says ‘For some people especially children excessive consumption may produce laxative effects’.  Well, not only should it include a … Continue reading

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Pog and Norman similarities

You know that theory that over time dogs and their owners look more and more alike?  It’s not the case with cats, is it?  They are such independent creatures I don’t think they would allow it.  Norman has developed his … Continue reading

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One final attempt…

If you’ve been hanging around with me here for a year or so you might remember my holiday last year to an island in the Philippines.  The holiday of a lifetime.  The one where I was going to lie in the … Continue reading

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I just got back from the dentist.  Again.  We’re still correcting the bad work of old dentist here with weekly appointments.  I’d kind of hoped that the dentist was exaggerating a few weeks back when she said she might not be … Continue reading

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The danger of dentists and dvds

On Easter Sunday I was given four Easter eggs.  This was particularly exciting as we’d made a family pact that we wouldn’t do Easter Eggs this year, but it turns out, I was the only one that stuck to this … Continue reading

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Toothache, dentists and…well, me.

Last month, toothache forced me to the dentist.  Fixing the problem was agony (despite anaesthetic) so when the pain returned I opted for painkillers as long as I could.  Today I went back. You may remember, last time my dentist … Continue reading

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My hero, the dentist

After increasingly bad toothache – which got me to the point last night of wondering just how much it would hurt to extract each and every one of my own teeth – I went back to the dentist today.  It’s … Continue reading

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Big Brave Pog

I am ‘a big brave girl’.  I know this because my dentist told me this morning when I opted to have both my fillings done at the same time. It may seem a little patronising, but I had reverted to … Continue reading

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A Pogimal day out

Due to popular demand (ok, just the one suggestion, but what a genius suggestion it was), the guest blogger today is… Lord Humbug! Good evening.  Today my good self and my comrades Spike, Miss Fancy Pants and Beanie accompanied Pog … Continue reading

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