Pog and Norman similarities

You know that theory that over time dogs and their owners look more and more alike?  It’s not the case with cats, is it?  They are such independent creatures I don’t think they would allow it.  Norman has developed his own Norman take on this though.

Ever since the disastrous attempt to take my wisdom teeth out, I’ve been in pain.  I thought it was the first disaster.  Then I thought it was the surgeons attempts that caused the pain.  Then possibly the incident of ripping a stitch out.  Then I thought it was just bad luck and I’d developed a hole in a tooth.  After around 136 visits to the dentist since the middle of June, I thought today would be the final one and booked in to see the hygienist tomorrow, so that my fully fixed teeth could have a proper clean in celebration.  Today’s ‘final’ appointment turned out not to be though.  Yesterday I managed to get to 7pm before taking any painkillers so I could try to help the dentist understand the pain that gets worse and worse through the day.  The way I was helpful?  I drew the pain onto my face and took a picture:


Apparently this isn’t pain from a tooth.  Particularly as all the x-rays show that there is absolutely nothing wrong where the hurting is focused.  It looks like the surgeon may have to be bought back again :o(

So anyway, we’re having a bit of an MOT session at the moment, teeth, eyes, haircut, B12 soon and the vet for Norman tonight.  He was due his annual check up and injections which is usually just a bit of chaos and quite a bit of money.  It turns out Norman has taken more notice than I thought of the dental issues in Pog Towers though, and the vet discovered he has a lot of plaque on his teeth. He needs a full dental session including a polish.  And his polish, it turns out, will cost at least FIVE times more than mine!  Seriously, why couldn’t he just settle with us looking a bit more like each other?!

Tomorrow after my polish, I’m going back to the opticians to see if they can teach me how to wear contact lenses.  I went in with one pair of glasses with a huge scratch across one lens and the other pair on the verge of losing an arm – I think they feel contacts would be a safer option for me.  I feel sorry for the person I have the appointment with – eyes make me feel a bit icky and if I think about them too long they water.  A lot.  But I’m not telling Norman anything about the eyes or the next think I know he’ll be needing glasses :o)

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