The effects of heat

It’s summer!  I know this because earlier on I was on a conference call in my conservatory and I spotted my neighbour in his Y-fronts.  Just his Y-fronts.

I’m not going to complain about the heat – I love being warm and it’s meant for the first two nights this year I’ve not slept with a hot water bottle.  Also, this is the UK, so summer could be over by Thursday morning.

What I am going to complain about though, is the number of adults I encountered yesterday who, despite presumably clocking that big fiery thing in the sky and noting that they didn’t need the coat / scarf / umbrella that most English people have on hand at all times just in case, and possibly wishing they could wear shorts to work… despite all that, they did not apply any deodorant. These were not teenagers.  These were people who have been doing the sweating thing for years.  These were people who should have known better; they were people in my office.  Not my friends, I hasten to add, and not anyone who I could point at and subtly hand over a can of Sure to.  But get a few people together in the lifts, and oh my…!

The upside of this is that I took to the stairs each time I needed to move floors and got a bit of extra exercise in.  Never mind that my knee was unhappy about it – it could just about cope.  My nose most definitely couldn’t.

Today there were no smelly people in Pog Towers, mainly because it’s just me and Norman here and we’re both quite good on the personal hygiene front.  Without air conditioning though, it did get a bit toasty in the conservatory where we work, so that combined with the Y-fronts parading next door sent us into the cool of the lounge.  Tomorrow, back in the office, I get air con, hopefully fewer Y-fronts but smelly people.  Hey ho, I’ll just stick to the stairs and be happy that we have some sun :o)


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