My hero, the dentist

After increasingly bad toothache – which got me to the point last night of wondering just how much it would hurt to extract each and every one of my own teeth – I went back to the dentist today.  It’s a long, tedious story and a rather bleugh reason behind it, but the good news is that I am finally pain free – HOORAY!

The dentist and I have a mutual concern when it comes to drilling my teeth since that time I punched him a couple of years ago (details here).  This time I promised to lie on my hands so I didn’t repeat the process and he promised that I wouldn’t feel anything anyway.  He lied.

I was SO happy that he’d worked out what the problem was that as my mouth went numb I informed him that he was my hero.  Minutes later as searing pain shot through the side of my face I told him that he was still my hero, but ‘that bloody hurt!’  I didn’t punch him though.

The expletives continued and he…well he laughed at me.  A lot.  Which made me giggle.  Then gasp in pain.  And the cycle continued:  Me screeching, swearing, telling him he was still my hero, him laughing and me giggling.

When I went to reception to pay for the torture, it turned out the receptionist had been able to hear everything and found it all highly amusing too.  Humph.

I must have deserved my own giggle after that:  Earlier, a colleague sent an e-mail for proof reading as it was going to be sent to a good few thousand people.  Luckily we have some good proof readers in the team who picked up the one typo.  Rather than saying we were ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ she said we were for ‘sorry for the incontinence’.  It put a whole different spin on the message.  I think she has worked with me too long – poor woman. :o)

All is calm again...

All is calm again…

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