A Pogimal day out

Due to popular demand (ok, just the one suggestion, but what a genius suggestion it was), the guest blogger today is…

Lord Humbug!

lord humbug

Good evening.  Today my good self and my comrades Spike, Miss Fancy Pants and Beanie accompanied Pog to what I believe is called ‘The Dentist’.  The Dentist is a strange place where Pog lay down and tried to talk while another person poked sticks in her mouth.  I have to say it was rather undignified.

Spike and Beanie became terribly excited by the chair that moved up and down and wanted to try it out.  This was a little beneath me, but being the gentleman I am, I felt it my duty to accompany the lady of the group – Miss Fancy Pants.

 I admit…I found the experience quite titillating.

Nobody tried poking in our mouths, but then Pog explained…it was because we lacked these:

Maybe one day we will grow some of these things although they look a little large for our mouths.  Pog says we won’t because they are too difficult to make from socks.  I have no idea what the woman is talking about.  I am however, looking forward to our next jaunt together – there seems to be quite a lot outside of the big door of Pog Towers.

So there you go.  Any suggestions of where you would like the next excursion to be will be considered (as long as there is only a minor possibility of arrest or sectioning) :o)

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