My daftness match

Between me and Himself I reckon most people think he is the sensible one and I’m the daft one.  I thought it to start with too.  Not so much these days though.  First this week we had the incident with the cordial:  we suspected that as there were bits of mould in it it might have somehow gone off.  Did he pop it in the bin?  No, he shook it then opened it.  And the kitchen looked like it had been the scene of a violent, sticky crime….

And last night I came out of the toilet and commented that Mrs Ghost must have started taking down the wall as there was a small pile of rubble under the radiator.

Him: ‘Oh no, that was when I took the radiator off the wall on Tuesday morning.’

Me: ‘Because…?’

Him: ‘I dropped my phone behind it and couldn’t get my hand far enough down to reach it, so I took it off the wall.  And a bit of the pipe.  But it’s ok, it still works.  It’s just some of the brickwork fell out and I didn’t have time to clean it up and then forgot about it’.

What makes this even more bonkers (to me at least) is that he did this at 5am,  before leaving for work and still managed to get to the station,  catch his train and fit in a 17km run before work.

I think I have met my match in daftness :o)

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