Popping my football cherry

What’s a really good way to spend a Sunday afternoon when your girlfriend is not terribly keen on crowds and doesn’t do football?  Go to a football match together, of course. The sort with a record number of well over 30, 000 people…

But actually, although it was a teeny bit scary, armed with a cup of tea and a Twix (I admit I didn’t manage to quite get into the spirit of thing so to start with) it was a brilliant people watching opportunity, and was mostly just like being in part of an enormous pantomime. There was lots of booing, singing along, cheering and clapping. And when Beachville scored a goal (which I managed to completely miss, probably as a result of pondering something critical like who chooses what number a player is), I got carried away and did much jumping up and down and cheering myself.  It surprised us both. The most exciting part though, was going to the toilet.  The men’s queues were so enormous it took them all half time to get to the front.  The women’s? Empty. There’s something about equality there :o)

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2 Responses to Popping my football cherry

  1. lynnbashforth says:

    Excellent 😁 cricket and rugby next then 😘

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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