Magic sponge, a giant sandwich bag and hungry-ness

I have a magic sponge:

I have to wash with it later this morning in preparation for an operation on my old lady leg (varicose vein).  Apparently it makes you really, really clean – so clean, you actually sparkle.  (It doesn’t.  It just means that they know all patients have washed with soap and something hygienic rather than a bit of water and a germ infested flannel).

Anyway, as well as the fact that magic sponges exist, I have learned a few more things in the run up to today’s excitement:

I’m not supposed to shower or have a bath for a week.  Clearly, that is not going to happen, so I have done investigations and invested in a Limbo:

It’s essentially the worlds biggest sandwich bag.  I’ve been warned that you can get trapped in them if you try to use them alone.  Himself leaves for work at 5.30am and I will not be showering at that silly o’clock when I also don’t have to work, so you can probably expect a post on that topic shortly…

I’ve discovered that I am 1.75 inches shorter than I used to be (when they measured me in my pre-op assessment).  I think this loss may have happened when I moved from Bumpkinsville to Beachville as in Bumpkinsville I used two pillows at night.  Here, two is too many.  Himself suggested the loss could therefore be in my neck and that I have moved from ‘swan like’ to ‘budgie like’.  Yup, thanks for that.

And finally, I have discovered this morning that my tummy is evil.  I very rarely eat before 9am and sometimes not until lunchtime.  This is mostly because once I start eating I don’t really stop, so the later I leave it the better (yes, I know it’n not actually healthy, but it’s a lot better than eating two packets of biscuits between breakfast and lunch.  And yes, that is possible).  Today I was only allowed to eat until 6.30am and can now only have water until 10.30am.  I chose not to eat anything as I thought it would make me hungry but now – at a time when I would never usually be thinking about food – now I am STARVING.  And my tummy is rumbling like it’s not seen food in a week.  And I can’t even have a mint :o(

Oh well, only a few more hours then my ouchy old lady leg will be fixed.  Hooray! :o)

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2 Responses to Magic sponge, a giant sandwich bag and hungry-ness

  1. lucyannluna says:

    Good luck hope all goes well

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