More ouch than anticipated

I admit it: I kind of thought that a day or two after having my old lady leg all fixed up, I’d be pretty much back to normal and making the most of some time off work. This level of ouch is not what I signed up for:

But it’s not all bad. Norman has offered his full support:

Yesterday I had the best visitors:

(Best comment of the day came from Little Pea in relation to the spiceiness of his hot dog: ‘The sausage is spicing me!’)

And today I’ve had my first ‘helping with homework’experience in years with one of Himself’s little people:

And when you get to have those sorts of smile, things somehow don’t feel quite so ouchy :o)

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2 Responses to More ouch than anticipated

  1. lucyannluna says:

    Looks painful, hope it’s better soon

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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