Hotness and firemen

It’s hot.  I like hot weather.  It’s just not quite so fun when you work from home and sit in a conservatory to do so.  Usually I would move into a cooler part of the house in the middle of the day in this weather, but yesterday I was having two house viewings at lunchtime and in an attempt to keep the house uncluttered, I wanted to stay where I was, at my desk.

As a result, when the first man arrived I was a sweaty mess.  I mean even the edges of my hair was wet.  It was not attractive.  He, however, was.  And (I imagine to the amusement of a few people who think I’ve met more than my quota) he was a fireman.  Not one like all the others I’ve met and had towel incidents, or made bacon sarnies (one truck load) or cups of tea for (two truckload, different incident).  The one was young, good looking and also a personal trainer.  You know – the sort you see on those tacky firemen calendars.  Just to remind you, I was a sweaty heap.

So this is a public service announcement.  If you are selling your house, don’t prepare for it in one of the hottest days of the year by sitting in your conservatory.  You never know who is going to turn up!  :o)


Norman is much better at dealing with hotness than me…

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