A case of mistaken identity

So, on Sunday night this happened:


Now, I’ve always thought it would be lovely for a complete stranger to endorse the pog blog in some way, but it was very obvious that Dr K. had got in a bit of a muddle somewhere along the line and that anyone following his facebook posts was likely to be slightly disappointed.  I don’t think I have ever talked about issues important to the residents of the 11th congressional district…

I set Dr K (who, it turns out, is running for congress) right and went to bed:


Dr K didn’t respond.  He didn’t even point out my typo.  I woke up on Monday to discover that poor Herb had had to admit that he’s ‘not been keeping up with his blog’.  I do hope he didn’t get into trouble for that.

Yesterday the post was still there.  Today it seems to have disappeared.  I admit I am relieved for Herb and Dr K, but I am a little sad.  I had visions of people wanting to get a bit wound up about issues important to the residents of the 11th congressional district landing on my blog and ending up having a bit of a giggle instead.  Oh well.  Maybe next time I get an endorsement (I wish!) it will be a little more appropriate :o)

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