Don’t mind the gaps

This time last year I said I didn’t think there would be time for resolutions. It turns out leaving some gaps was a good plan.

I’ve done the usual pog things – crocheted, baked (mostly badly), yoga-ed, spent lots of time taking photos of Norman and a fair bit of time with my family and Little Pea. A few of the things I didn’t anticipate and I am rather glad I had gaps for included:

  1. Getting a new job which has meant I get to do interesting work with lovely people (some of them might drive me nuts, but they are still lovely)
  2. Starting a beginners running course, finishing a beginners running course, enjoying running and actually completing my first 10k (and only having a slightly crunchy knee to show for it)
  3. Selling Pog Towers
  4. Putting an offer in on three houses (And withdrawing offers on two of them, obviously)
  5. Unexpectedly acquiring a boyfriend. (No, I actually don’t write about everything here….) To catch you up, we’ve known each other a long time, but I still gave him a 28 day no quibble returns policy when we first got together so he had the chance to see sense.  Strangely, he didn’t take advantage of the offer and a few months later we’re still together.  We must be quite a good match: for Christmas we gave each other the same canvas print of a photo from one of our first dates.  This has all made me very, very smiley.

So this year I’m not making any resolutions again; I’m pretty sure Norman and I will have enough to keep us busy, one way or another and I like the fact that because I won’t be too focussed on achieving goals there will be time for unplanned things to sneak into life.

I hope you have enough gaps in 2017 to allow for some unexpected things too. Thank you for coming along on my rambley blog journey this year.  I hope I’ve given you as many smiles as your being here has given me.

As a weird and not very good thank you, Norman and I tried a selfie in the style of those family Christmas cards people do.  We failed, but my left eye should recover at some point next year…





And slightly better, here are a few pictures from the last few days of my 2016 that make me smile:

Sunset at Brighton


Dawn at the seafront

Dawn at the seafront





Country walking

Country walking…


…With carved beavers. Obviously

A different view, from the i360

A different view, from the i360



Happy new 2017. I hope it brings you smiles and happiness. :o) x

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3 Responses to Don’t mind the gaps

  1. Shirley and John says:

    Thanks Pog, have a brilliant new year (all of you!!)

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