For about five years I have tried making Brie and cranberry canapés for Christmas. Every year they have been a complete disaster.  I think I might have finally cracked it though! (You just have to ignore the fact that they are closer to pie than canapé size as I didn’t have the right tins and apparently using silicone ice cube trays wouldn’t have been hugely successful):


It must have been the preparation of a Christmas Eve run that helped :


Where we think we might just have seen Rudolf having a bit of a relax before the excitement of this evening:

img_1522Or maybe it’s just because over the years I have tried every other way you cold possibly make them. Next year I might even attempt ‘bite sized’… :o)

And in other photos this week, we have the preparation in my fitball class for playing cards, while in plank, with our feet on a ball:


And the face of pure excitement when Little Pea saw the start of the circus show:


I also saw this a few days ago. I thought it was rather lovely:


Have a lovely Christmas, whatever you are doing :o) x

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2 Responses to Christmasness

  1. Shirley and John says:

    Thanks Pog – you all have a wonderful time too

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