Fairy tale facts…

I was worried on Saturday night that I had to get a taxi on my own.  I wasn’t worried about the actual taxi…more the fact that I was wearing a wig, wings a tutu and a 3 foot tail.  I was off to a nursery rhyme and fairy tale themed fancy dress party for Sisters 1 and 2s birthday.  (I was a Fairy Tail….get it?)

I needn’t have worried, the taxi driver didn’t bat an eyelid and, as Robin Hood said to me when I got there, she’d been embarrassed to have to go to the bank in her outfit but was relieved to see a ladybird had arrived just before her…

So here’re some things I learned whilst dressed as a fairy tail for an evening:

  • White rabbits need to insert a loo roll into their mouths in order to breathe.
  • The three blind mice weren’t blind – they were just wearing dark glasses inside…
  • Little Red Riding Hood’s basket is an ideal place to smuggle in contraband alcohol to avoid the paying bar (and that was my parents doing that!)
  • Whiskey shots can even make wigs look drunk (and make their accompanying mermaids become mostly horizontal)
  • Beauty’s can get very overexcited about their hoop skirts (to the point that they create their own little version of musical bumps on the dance floor because it ‘makes it look all poofy’).
  • Beast’s face can stay sticky enough to stick to a fairy tails face and scare people even  more than when it was part of Beast
  • A 3 foot tail is great for twirling but also for tripping up its fairy (especially after the 6th or so vodka)
  • Ali Baba doesn’t look that great in a long blonde wig
  • A blind mouses tail can also be used as a piggy wig tail and an elephants’ trunk, should they be required.

So there you go.  A few things I imagine you didn’t know before now… :o)

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2 Responses to Fairy tale facts…

  1. Lol thanks for all the top tips, sound like you had a really good time at your fancy dress party !

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