a mouse, a wig and a hand…

It’s been a slightly odd day. 

At 5am I was trying to work out why I’d left a note for myself saying ‘power mouse’. 

‘What the hell…?’  Your brain (or at least mine) is more than a little foggy at that time and I had visions of a body building mouse.  Or a mouse that had power dressed in shoulder pads…  It took until I got out the shower to realise that there should have been a comma involved.  ‘Power, Mouse’.  Take the power pack and mouse for the laptop to work …makes perfect sense with a little punctuation.

And then I had to mime to a song I didn’t know in the (busy) office kitchen whilst wearing a wig and being filmed.  As you do.  It wasn’t just me – it was five of us.  It was some bright sparks idea to create a ‘hilarious’ video as a colleagues leaving present.  It certainly caused hilarity for those who saw us in the kitchen…and for the complete strangers who saw us outside in Canary Wharf acting like loons….

Having survived the embarrassment I thought might kill me, I did some work – quite a lot really.  But that must have been where I peaked, as I don’t remember very much of the 1.5 hour meeting that rounded off my 9.5 hours in the office.  Very few notes were acquired.  This was though:

my talking hand

That could have been the end of the slight oddness, but no, I had my finale in Tesco when I got in a pickle trying to find my purse, emptied out the contents of my bag, including my wig, on the till and handed the slightly stunned Tesco lady my club card with my talking hand.

Boy am I glad it’s Friday tomorrow :o)

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