The ‘joys’ of exercise – a flump on wheels

This morning I went for my first bike ride in over a month.  I’d love to tell you that it made me feel exhilarated, full of energy, ready to start the day.  I could tell you that, but it would be a lie.  Mostly it just made me feel very sick.  

Clearly I’m so out of practice that I’ve forgotten how to dress… when I got home I discovered my top was inside out and the wrong way round which meant that the label had been rubbing on my (double) chin the whole way.  I also forgot that when you are really cold you need to warm up a little before you just in a hot shower or you get really itchy scratchy (so much so I managed to scratch through the skin on my left thigh, which was nice).

It would seem my muscles are a little out of practice too.  10 hours or so later I ache.  A lot.  Even trying to do charades to Sister 2 through our windows across the road while on the telephone to her was a little painful (especially when caught by a neighbour – although that was more mental rather than physical pain as it may not have not helped what I suspect is my ‘weird cat lady’ reputation… ).

I will however, attempt to do the same again tomorrow.  And keep going until I am back in the rhythm of the exercise malarkey.  Because I look like a flump at the moment.  (I’ve started avoiding mirrors now as my reflection makes me feel rather grumpy.) I was thinking of one of these: 

Flumps of the sweet variation

But having looked up ‘flump’ on Google, I found this…a scrap of childhood tv memories:

A flump of the Pog variation

 And I think that’s probably quite an accurate image of me (although for anyone who doesn’t know me / hasn’t seen me in a while, I would like to mention I have slightly less facial hair).

So if you are starting your Saturday with a bit of relaxation, please spare a thought for this flump wheezing round Country Bumpkinsville on two wheels.  I’m sure it will be…exhilarating!

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