It’s not just me!

I try to only mention my daftness in my blog in case I upset anyone else (sorry Sisters 1 and 2, you’re always fair game) but there have been a couple of incidents in the last few days that I think deserve a mention…and I can be pretty sure these people aren’t identifiable…and can’t identify me :o)

I went to the doctors tonight.  Nothing serious (well not unless one of the hundreds of pale children in the waiting room gave me their bug), but slightly surreal.  I got called and directed to the Nurses treatment room…but there were two.  Both with nurses, neither with patients.

‘Ah, you’re with me’ called one of them, so I followed her as she continued with ‘Mr and Mrs Jones isn’t it?’

Now I know I’m not as slim line as I was a few years ago, but I didn’t know the situation had got so dire that I could be mistaken for two people, one of them male…  Happily, Mr and Mrs Jones turned up and the mistake was resolved quite quickly.

Then on Saturday I went to a stationer to buy some blank postcards.  I couldn’t find any so I asked.  The boy pointed me to a stand full of picturesque views of Bumpkinstown. 

‘Um, they’re not blank…’ I started.

‘They are on the back’ he replied.

Isn’t that the default for postcards that you are buying new? I mean, I’ve never purchased a postcard that has already been written…

And then we had the New Word Lesson with Sister 2 when she asked if I could make a gift for her friends’ baby but didn’t know if she should wait until it was born.

Me:  If you don’t know if it is a boy or a girl, I could make something generic.

Sister 2:  What does ‘generic mean?

Me: In this case, something that would be suitable for a boy or a girl

Sister 2: Oh

<big pause>

Sister 2:  So it means the same as ‘bisexual’ then?

She is 30.

So there you go, it’s not just me that can be a bit daft :o)

A random bit of Bumpkinsville weirdness for you. It’s not often you can blame being late on sheep… :o)

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