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Yesterday was boot shopping day. It became a group effort with Sister 1, Sister 2 and Little Peas all in attendance. It went quite smoothly. We found a pair we all liked that fitted, but they were rather expensive.  So … Continue reading

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Pog’s personal shopper

I’ve never really been into fashion.  The only time I’m ever ‘on trend’ is purely an accident. Today, for example, I’m wearing a hoody (hood up – it’s been cold in my conservatory today), a HUGE pair of velour tracksuit bottoms … Continue reading

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The Incident of the Chubby Calf

We’ve had the Tubby Toe Incident (a few times over if I am to be honest), but this morning, well, this morning we had my first serious Chubby Calf Incident. There I was, checking my e-mails while pulling on my … Continue reading

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A surprising 5 stars for Boots!

Five stars to Boots for indulging a nut (me) and writing back (in less than 48 hours too!)  Bless the poor person who had to come up with the below… (For the history of the Boots / jam making quest, … Continue reading

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A mail to Boots (too much time on my hands?)

Quite a few of you have mentioned via mail, face book and here that actually the jam making course (as mentioned in yesterdays blog entry relating to the Boots advert)  sounds quite good.  Either being ill has made me a little … Continue reading

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