A surprising 5 stars for Boots!

Pretty leaves

Five stars to Boots for indulging a nut (me) and writing back (in less than 48 hours too!)  Bless the poor person who had to come up with the below…

(For the history of the Boots / jam making quest, see the initial consternation followed by my mail to Boots.)

Thank you for contacting us about our recent television advert. I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed the advert enough to mention it in one of your blog entries!

As the advert is intended to be somewhat ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and not necessarily factually accurate, I’m afraid I cannot recommend a specific course of comparable value to one of our ‘smellies’ gifts. I’m sorry for this.

However, if you’re genuinely interested in learning to make jam, you may wish to contact your local Women’s Institute, perhaps, or ask at your local education authority to see if they’re offering any courses? You could even try a local library as sometimes they have information on courses of this type (or if all else fails you could take out a good book and teach yourself!).

Thanks again for getting in touch and I hope I’ve managed to provide some useful suggestions for you. You’ll find a questionnaire below, which will help us make sure we’ve provided you with the very best customer care. If you need any further help you can give us a call.
Many thanks
Boots Customer Care

Random autumn-ness

I might just look into local jam making courses…it could be a giggle and would be the perfect balance to the pole dancing classes.  I’ll keep you updated…:o)

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