A disasterous date and numerous obese biscuit men

There was huge excitement at Pog Towers this weekend.  I finally felt well enough to stand upright which meant I could keep my date with Lovely Man.  I made presents, I did my hair and make up and…well, obviously it all went wrong…

The Lovely Man in question is actually more Lovely Little Man.  He is the 2 year old son of Friend-I-Went-To-Secondary-School-With and is a bundle of gorgeousness.  The plan was that we would do some playing then I would babysit while Friend-I-Went-To-Secondary-School-With and family went out for dinner.  And the plan started well…

The Food: I had come prepared to impress (he may be 2, but I still want him to like me).  Last time we met I had made him some cookies but he expressed some disappointment that the cookies were not ‘man biscuits’.  Yesterday morning I spent 4 hours attempting to make cookies that resembled men rather than morbidly obese snowmen.  I am pleased to say that they did pass the Lovely Little Man test (signified by a large smile, the licking off of all icing and the nibbling of an arm). 

I'm buying a blimin' cookie cutter for next time...

The Looks:  Friend-I-Went-To-Secondary-School-With has a bit of a bump (she’s supposed to…she’s pregnant) and Lovely Little Man had shown me last time that was where the baby was.  He’d then come over, inspected my tummy and demonstrated where my baby was.  I had to inform him that actually my bump was just cookies… Happily, there was no replay of this incidence though, so either the sick bug or the unfatness plan has done me a few favours…

The Dancing: At almost pyjama time, Lovely Little Man was demonstrating a few of his moves to ‘the wheels on the bus go round and round’ when he slipped, screamed and blood appeared…

The Disaster: This resulted in a trip to A&E and the anticipation of a black eye.  With the aid of a teddy given to him at the hospital (donated by the Freemasons – yes, really) and some TLC from Mummy and Daddy, Lovely Little Man recovered enough for us to do some serious playing with lego and bricks so we still had a date of sorts. 

and so to bed. Bless.x

Food, dancing, a bit of a disaster and bed.  Yes, that actually sounds like a standard sort of date.  (Maybe next time we could bypass A&E though and then Mummy and Daddy would actually get to go out!)  It hasn’t escaped my notice though that I can’t even manage a night in with a 2 year old.  It would seem there is very little hope…:o)

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