The Incident of the Chubby Calf

We’ve had the Tubby Toe Incident (a few times over if I am to be honest), but this morning, well, this morning we had my first serious Chubby Calf Incident.

There I was, checking my e-mails while pulling on my boots when the zip unzipped.  Not from the top because that would be far too easy to rectify.  No, it unzipped in the middle.  I assume, because it could no longer contain the chubby calf within.  So with 5 minutes before I had to nosedive out the front door (and still needing to shut down the laptop, pack my bag and feed the cats) I was trapped in my boot.  Not the best start to the week…

So the un-fatness plan is back on with a vengeance (again).  And luckily I was given just the sort of daft present for my birthday that appeals to a Pog and could help in the invigorated un-fatness plan.  Yes, it’s a ‘Waist Torsion Disc’! 

I had a go earlier.  All I achieved is 2 confused cats who looked like they may actually start to laugh and a very bemused neighbour who spied me through the window before I spied him…  It’s early days though.  There are far more neighbours to bemuse and in the process I may even find my waist.  And lose my chubby calves.  (Please let me dream)

Now where did I put that left over jam roly-poly?  I could probably mange to eat it while on the Waist Torsion Disc and burn the calories as I eat them.  No?  Oh sod it, I’ll just sit on the sofa and enjoy it properly.  Maybe Norman can find his waist while I watch and laugh at him… :o)

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2 Responses to The Incident of the Chubby Calf

  1. Ems says:

    He He! I knew this gift would come in handy! Don’t give up too soon – I expect to hear more news about how you are getting on with the waist torsion fun!

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