Doing things and a slightly disasterous jam roly-poly…

It’s my last few hours of freedom! I’ve had a lovely whole week off work and it’s been great not to have to get up at silly o’clock even once.

Originally I looked into going away and doing a ‘doing’ holiday but discovered that:

a) there are no ‘doing’ holidays of the sort I fancied

b) if there were they would probably be filled with cat loving spinsters (yes, I know.  Just shhhh…)

c) I didn’t really have sufficient spare pennies to do anything of the sort.

So instead, I decided to stay home (single and with the cats.  Yes, I know…Shhh.) and just not waste any of my time off.


I made Pogimals:

I made a Pogimobile and a bird mobile:





I learned to appliqué (and have been working on a top secret heffalump project):


I created some mothers day cards for the shop that sells them:

I learned to make bracelets:

And, the cat arse-imal of the week: I attempted to make a jam roly-poly (well one didn’t look enough.  I’d not considered that it might rise and spread.  I’d also decided that I could make them on a baking sheet rather than the suggested loaf tin).  They didn’t taste too bad though:

(And yes, you may notice that one has a bit missing.  Quality checking is obviously essential before feeding to the rest of the family…)

Maybe I should start my own ‘doing’ holidays at Pog Towers.  I could make the shed into a spare room.  Only maybe I wouldn’t include jam roly-poly in the activities… :o)

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2 Responses to Doing things and a slightly disasterous jam roly-poly…

  1. Martin says:

    lol, you are funny, what a brilliant start to the week eating my cereal and reading that. You should always have a “catarse-imal of the week” slot.

    Maybe you could also open “Pogtins” the holiday camp. The staff could all wear yellow blazers with “heffalump” badges sewn on the top pockets.

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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