A bit too much grown-up-ness…

I’d quite like to not be an adult for a while if that’s ok with you?  It’s all been a bit too grown up recently but the good news is that I now have a sorted out remortgage (grown up) with the help of a lovely financial advisor (very grown up!)

The e-mail I sent to lovely financial advisor to tell her that the valuation on my house had been done however, was not quite so grown up…:


He’s been, I plied him with coffee, smiled a lot, said lovely things and admired his damp proof finding tool. 

I then shone a bright light in his eyes and interrogated him, but he’d been trained well and wouldn’t give away the value.  I did casually wave the quote from Your Move at him and asked him repeatedly if he’d found anything to suggest they were wrong.  He said no :o)  (I wasn’t quite that bad really.  Almost though.)

Kind Regards,

Still, lovely financial advisor didn’t get the men in white coats to pay me a visit and is thinking of hiring me for my persuasion / interrogation techniques so it can’t all be bad.

 I will have one more grown up moment tomorrow, when a sideboard will be delivered (scarily grown up).  Happily, I now definitely have a house to put it in.  And once it arrives I think I will get off the adult merry go round – just for the weekend of course… :o)

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