Naughty Normous Norman

Normous Norman attempting to look innocent...

It’s a bit of a family joke that I blame Normous Norman for just about everything.  All the biscuits in the house eaten?  That’ll have been Norman.  The plate I was supposed to return to you?  I can’t find it anywhere – Norman must have run off with it.  The house is a tip?  Norman has not been doing his share of the housework…that sort of thing.

But today I believe I have proved the theory that there is no smoke without fire.  Because today, when I was trying to frantically move furniture as my sideboard arrived (early!  When have delivery men ever delivered before 8.15am before?!)  I found it.  I found his stash.  Under the armchair there was a small pile of many of the things that have gone walkabout in the last few months….

I honestly did NOT set up this picture!

I’m going to move the sofa later.  I bet he’s hidden the other halves to all the odd socks I have under there.  As for my bed – I dread to think what he has managed to hoard under there.  Actually, maybe I’ll leave that one for now.  There’s probably the head quarters for a gang of cats that he’s been training to work from.  Ok, maybe not, but nobody believed me that he’d been stashing my stuff either…. :o)

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2 Responses to Naughty Normous Norman

  1. Martin says:

    Norman, get a lawyer, Pog obviously framed you by putting those things there and then waiting for an appropriate time to move the chair and blame you. I know you are innocent, Fight the Pog!

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